Synge Street CBS

An ERST School

Providing Second Level education to students in Dublin since 1864.

Providing Second Level education to students in Dublin since 1864.

The quality of education offered in Synge Street is characterized by the professional dedication and involvement shown by teachers and by the creation of a caring environment within the school.

Our pupils are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities, experiences and challenges of adult life.


Synge Street CBS is and ERST school in existence since 1864. It is a school of great tradition renowned for its academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

Career Guidance

Find out about our Career Guidance and Counselling Service at Synge Street CBS.


Synge Street CBS aims to foster a holistic educational environment, which encourages the development of all aspects of pupils’ lives including the social, moral, intellectual and spiritual.


We have a wide range of facilities in the school.

What our staff has to say

I have been a member of the teaching staff in Synge Street CBS since August 2020. The school is a place where each individual is made to feel that they belong to a community which encourages them to recognise their potential. Business and Accounting are subjects that enable students to enhance their skill set which are transferable to many walks of life.

– Mark Hyland (Business and Accounting Department)

Since beginning my career in Synge Street there has never been a day where I don’t look forward to going to work. There is such a warm sense of care and respect between staff and students, and each morning I am greeted with a dozen smiles and well wishes before my day has even begun. We have a great team here in Synge Street and there’s never a shortage of willing helpful hands!

– Celine Gorman

The size of Synge Street is ideal for getting to know all the students well over their secondary school career. It’s a lot of fun working with students from first right up through their Leaving Cert and watching them grow and change over that time. I’m proud to be part of a student support team that is able and equipped to respond to the needs of students and their families to ensure thoughtful personal growth.

– Sarah Eastman

Synge Street is an incredibly special place. We have such an innovative, caring cohort of staff, and a diverse and talented student body. Every day I’m inspired by the work of my colleagues and the creativity of my students. I count myself very lucky to be part of such an exceptional school.

– Bernadette Scott

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